TV - serials

new final date: APRIL, 30th 2013




Rough topics of the desired strip:


your work will be published in "STRAPAZIN magazine issue #112" ( ,september,10 2013.

our intention is to have at least 170 different artists in this issue.


  title is „television serials (of our adolescence)

-   a "typical scene" of a TV serial you appreciated in your childhood                 

-   main or important characters should be included. The characteristics of the serial should be obvious!

-   it can be done in a realistic, ironic, fantastic, wishful or whatsoever style

-   we would appreciate, if you could let us know which serials would be your favorites until the 31st of january 2013! You could suggest up to 5 serials, so not everybody is doing „Bonanza“


-                 the dimensions are:

                  190x63 mm or  7 1/2 X  2 1/2 inch

                  (proportions 3:1)

-                 in black and white (grey)

-                 title of the serial does not have to be part of the strip

-                 ultimate final date is april 30, 2013

-                 please send strip to Christoph Abbrederis <> and/or David Basler <>

                the earlier the better !!!


I hope we got your full attention, you are fond of that project and hope that we get marvelous strips!